As a middle school student, I was mesmerized by my Mom’s makeup routine each morning before she left for work. Unbeknownst to her, I thought I was copying her looks onto my own face before heading out to the school bus in the morning. The faces of the other passengers told another story.

During high school, my after-school job at a makeup stand gave me an artistic outlet to express myself, faces to practice on, and an opportunity to help other women feel pretty regardless of their circumstances.

Fast forward to 2020, and who could have guessed that a full-time job in the medical field that required a habitual sanitation routine of handwashing and brush sterilization would prepare me for what was to come in the pandemic.  

As a makeup artist, I use color and art to express myself. As a creative professional, I combine those elements with a collaborative spirit to fulfill the needs of production and bring stories to life.

Since becoming a freelance makeup artist my résumé includes several television music video projects, pageants, and live fashion shows.

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